Watch: Carrie Underwood shares behind-the-scenes video for 2018 ‘Sunday Night Football’ theme song
Carrie Underwood/NBC

Carrie Underwood has been the voice and face to NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” broadcast openings since replacing Faith Hill with the role back in 2013. The pop/country star typically records a song and video as the thematic opening for the weekly sporting event, which is surely one of the big primetime broadcasts on American televisions throughout the fall months. With the start of another NFL season set to begin next month, Underwood and the NBC team have been busy preparing their opening number, and the singer shared a behind the scenes video on Tuesday to give fans a look at what goes into that 90-second video opening every Sunday night.

The BTS video can be watched in full from Underwood’s Twitter post seen below. Typically, each week carries a different theme, lyrically speaking, so each musical opening matches the two teams/cities set to play each other for the Sunday night game of the week. The video goes to show Underwood and the production team working in the studio and recording a brand new song for the brand new season, which will, of course, have subtle changes in the wording each week.

“It is an honor to be back for my sixth year with ‘Sunday Night Football,’” Underwood is heard saying in the video. “I just felt it was maybe time to switch it up. I got together with a couple of incredible co-writers Chris DeStefano and Brett James.”

The revamped songwriting team must’ve had some successful sessions, as viewers can hear the first snippets of the new opening song that will get fans all excited for closing their weekend with the country-fueled action sports. The video also goes on to show how the team shoots on location in various cities that act as the backdrop each week as part of the intro theme. Fans can compare the new music to the theme from the 2017 opening, which can be heard in one of the older videos seen above.

In addition to returning to the football world, Underwood recently announced her return to performing with an upcoming run of shows on her Cry Pretty Cry Tour set to begin next spring on May 1. Tickets to select shows on the tour are on sale now and can be purchased by clicking here.