Watch Chad VanGaalen's trippy, award-winning animated short 'TARBOZ'

Canadian indie rocker Chad VanGaalen is a multi-talented musician who defies expectations with each new album. But VanGaalen’s skill isn’t limited to the sonic sphere. He’s also an award-winning illustrator and animator who has done his own album artwork as well as a slew of animated videos for his songs "Clinically Dead", "Flower Gardens", "Red Hot Drops” and "Molten Light," along with a handful of videos for other artists. In 2015 VanGaalen started to get some serious recognition for his animation work. 

As Pitchfork reported, VanGaalen debuted his animated short “TARBOZ” at the 2015 GIRAF Festival of Independent Animation. The film subsequently won the animator the award for Best Canadian Short. Now, VanGaalen has shared the 24+ minute short with the rest of the world. The musician/illustrator said that “TARBOZ” was meant to be the first episode of a longer piece titled "Translated Log of Inhabitants” and extrapolated on the world he created in his music videos as well as visuals he did for Shabazz Palaces and Black Mountain. You can watch “TARBOZ” above.

Chad VanGaalen is touring around his Sept. 2017 release Light Information. Click here to browse AXS for tickets to select Chad VanGaalen dates.