Watch Chance the Rapper give Chicago weather report on WGN
WGN News / YouTube

This weekend's Chicago forecast calls for a chance of...Chance the Rapper appearing on local news station WGN.

Chicagoans were treated to a surprise visit from the popular music artist on Friday morning when Chance stopped in to try his hand as weatherman. Fittingly donning a crew neck sweater and gloves, the rapper discussed the frigid temperatures set to take over Illinois and surrounding states through the weekend. Check out the clip above.

Always one for humor, Chance managed to drop a few jokes within the segment, throwing on a blazer that projected as an "invisibility cloak" in front of the green screen as well as describing the genetic makeup of snowflakes.

"Every snowflake is different, they all actually have, like, different DNA than people," Chance says. "Each one is individual."

The weather segment was the latest local sighting for Chance, who earlier this week made headlines after donating 300 pairs of sneakers to Chicago children for Christmas. He was also pictured in the studio with Swizz Beatz, who is working on a new album that will likely feature Chance in a guest role. 

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