Watch: Cozmic is 'Not Ready For Summer' in appealing new video

Summer is just around the corner, but Cozmic isn't quite there yet. The pop artist and producer has dropped a new music video for his single "Not Ready For Summer" and AXS has the exclusive video premiere; watch it now by playing the video above and get the single on iTunes now!

The "Not Ready For Summer" video opens with some trippy visuals involving an astronaut in the desert, which fits perfectly with the moniker of Niche Tandon. That space traveler will become relevant later in the video, as it then unravels the story of a whirlwind romance from the couple's first meeting, to their breakup and dealing with the aftermath. Telling you how the two things are connected would take away from the viewing experience, but Cozmic has found a unique way to frame a story that every music fan can fall in love with. There are a lot of songs and videos about lost love, but "Not Ready For Summer" makes it into a bittersweet adventure that also looks great visually.

"It was inspired by a situation that one of my good friends was going through. She had a serious relationship that seemed to be going well but even though she and her boyfriend loved each other, they had different values and priorities in life...I was supporting and advising her through the turbulence of the relationship. But they ended up breaking up right before summer started," Cozmic told AXS in an exclusive email statement. "All her friends were planning fun summer stuff like going to the beach, going on road trips, hanging out in New York, partying, but she was not interested because she was processing this major breakup...It’s also a reminder that the fun stuff is only fun when it’s with the people who you love—your partner, your crew, your family."

But who is Cozmic and why should listeners go on this adventure with him? Per his official biography, the electro-pop artist and producer splits his time between Venice Beach and Brooklyn, which gives his music different influences from opposite sides of the country. Every part of the nation has a different culture and thus different elements that come into play in its music, and Cozmic is doing a bit of chemistry as he mixes the two. The "Not Ready For Summer" video demonstrates that he also understands the storytelling element on multiple levels; he doesn't just tell this story of love, loss and longing but he makes it stand out visually from any other music video that you've ever seen before.

"Not Ready For Summer" is the polar opposite of the regular summer anthem, but it will get you excited about summer and pop music just like the best summer jams. Play the video above to dive in. It may tell the story of a relationship that doesn't last, yet the song will last on your playlist well after summer is over.

Cozmic does not currently have any tour dates lined up to go along with the music video release, but music fans can keep up with the latest information on his future live performances via Facebook and Twitter.

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