Watch: Daniel Daniel releases debut 'The Lonesome Hollow' video
Daniel Daniel/YouTube

Nashville singer and songwriter Daniel Daniel has dropped the music video for "The Lonesome Hollow", which is the title track from his upcoming debut record. You can watch the video by playing the video above, and purchase the single on iTunes.

According to the accompanying press release, the making of the "Lonesome Hollow" video was anything but lonesome. The video was directed by Daniel Daniel himself, and he enlisted several of his friends to fill key roles both in front of and behind the camera. His friends S.L. Perlin and Ryan Mazzei are credited as the director of photography and camera assistant respectively, while Daniel's mechanic Charles Trueblood is the star of the video. The foursome shot the entire video over four days in a Phoenix-area mining town, giving the piece its historic Southwestern feel.

Daniel Daniel also took a retro approach to the project, opting to shoot the music video on 16-millimeter film on a French camera from 1971. That's a far cry from the digital production and multitude of effects in modern music videos. If this video and the single are at all representative of what to expect from the full album, Daniel Daniel will be an artist worth listening to this spring, especially for music fans who enjoy Americana or want to hear music that doesn't have the trappings and complexities that come with modern music production. He's going forward by going back.

"The Lonesome Hollow" is the first single from Daniel Daniel's first record, also called Lonesome Hollow. While the video's press release did not provide any specifics on the  rest of the content of the album, it did reveal that it is scheduled to be released later this year and that Grammy Award-winning engineer Mike Piersante is working on the project. Piersante has nine Grammy Awards from thirteen nominations, most notably an Album of the Year Grammy in 2016 for his efforts on Adele's 25. If he's involved with Daniel Daniel's record, then it's definitely something to keep an eye on.

"The Lonesome Hollow" is now available on iTunes. Daniel Daniel does not currently have any tour dates listed, but fans can keep abreast of new tour announcements on his website.

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