Watch: Dave Grohl left speechless after fan nails 'Monkey Wrench' solo
John Scurek/YouTube

A fan really threw a monkey wrench into a recent Foo Fighters show in Austin, Texas. But not in the way you might think. Foo Fighters often make a point to bring fans from the crowd up onstage, but the band got a big surprise from their special guest in Austin.

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Dave Grohl and company welcomed a fan onstage who held up a sign in the crowd that read “Monkey Wrench,” the Grammy Award-winning song from the Foo Fighters 1997 album The Colour and the Shape. Dubbed “Kiss Guy” by Grohl because of his Gene Simmons face paint, Kiss Guy--whose real name is Yayo Sanchez--had his own guitar pick, which thoroughly impressed Dave. But then Grohl goes from being impressed to blown away.

Turns out, Sanchez can shred. After an incendiary guitar solo that could easily have given Grohl himself a run for his money, the Foo Fighters frontman is so blown away that he forgets the rest of the words to the song and just lets Sanchez and the rest of the band jam. You can watch the video of the amazing sit-in above. 

Of course, it must have been a dream come true for Yayo, who posted a great photo with an amazed Grohl on his Instagram account. You can check it out below.

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