Watch David Ryan Harris' romantic new video for 'Coldplay'

Many might not know the name or the face of David Ryan Harris, but many will recognize the sound. Harris, who is a guitarist for John Mayer and whose sound ultimately reflects that, just released a new video for his song "Coldplay," off of his latest album Songs For Other People which was released back in June.

The video, which starts off on a beach, is romantic, much like the song. The style of the song "Coldplay" is a mix of soft rock with a blues-like undertone, much like Mayer himself. 

"Since the record is called Songs For Other People, I want to find ways to show that the characters in the songs aren’t characters in my real life. When I saw the treatment for the 'Coldplay' video I knew that it’d be the perfect vehicle for that," Harris told the Huffington Post. "Initially we planned on only having Taye’s couple in it, but we decided that [adding more couples] would further drive home the point that the songs are for (and about) other people.”

You can watch the full video for "Coldplay" by Harris above.