Watch Dead Meadow discuss new album, being a band for 2 decades
AXS Studios

Dead Meadow, a psychedelic rock band who have hailed from D.C. and formed 20 years ago has gone through many changes as a band. Something that hasn't changed, though, is founding members Jason Simon and Steve Kille. The two, along with Juan Londono, are getting set to head on another tour on March 1 and release a new album The Nothing They Need on the same day.

"I love playing the shows and playing music of course, but I think there's a certain peaceful simplicity to it in all of its craziness," Simon told AXS. "It just becomes just, 'I am going to get up, hang out with my friends, get to the next show. And then, play, do it again, hang out. No matter how crazy it gets, there is some kind of peacefulness in it." 

Watch the full interview with AXS above, and grab tickets to upcoming Dead Meadow shows right here.