Watch: DJ Burak Yeter releases chaotic 'Crash' music video
Burak Yeter/YouTube

Prolific DJ Burak Yeter is staying busy over the summer, dropping a new music video for his single "Crash" that can best be described as a chaotic adventure. Watch the video by playing the video above, then stream the single on Spotify and purchase it on iTunes.

The "Crash" video has already exceeded five million views since its release on YouTube, and it's easy to see why. "Crash" is an assault on the audience's senses, as if the listener is colliding with the song. Featuring Yeter as he interacts with a mysterious woman in a variety of locations, from a crowded nightclub to a dark street in the middle of the night, the video takes its title and uses it as a metaphor for the destruction of a relationship. To say much more would spoil the surprising ending, but Yeter has created a song that pulses with the agonizing heartbeat of destroyed love.

Not only is he an addictive artist to listen to, but he's particularly talented when it comes to music videos. This is the third video to reach massive audiences for Burak Yeter. His previous music video "Happy" earned eight million views last year, and before that, the video for his debut single "Happy" recorded a whopping 374 million views! He's clearly learned how to make a video that hooks an audience, and "Crash" should reach similar heights with its impressive visuals.

Yeter will be taking his singles to live audiences this summer at various clubs and festivals. So far, all of the dates he has announced are in Europe but music fans can keep abreast of future United States concerts on his website. With the creativity he demonstrates in his videos, any music fans who are planning a European vacation over the summer should consider checking out one of his sets, because he's an artist to watch wherever you can find him.

Below are all of Burak Yeter's upcoming tour dates, with tickets and more information available here:

June 21 - Jamsa, Finland - Himos Juhannus Festival
June 22 - Rauma, Finland - RMJ Festival
June 24 - Belek, Turkey - Robinson Club Nobilis
July 06 - Kemer, Turkey - Club Inferno
July 13 - Petrovaradin, Serbia - Exit Festival
July 20 - Cap d'Agde, France - Amnesia
July 21 - Torshavn, Faroe Island - Torsfest
July 22 - Weeze, Germany - Parookaville
July 27 - Boom, Belgium - Tomorrowland
July 28 - Regensburg, Germany - Open Air Festival 2018
Aug. 03 - Csongrad, Hungary - KTN Festival
Aug. 05 - Roermond, Netherlands - Solar

For more on Burak Yeter, visit his official website.