Watch: DJ Cassidy's fascinating video for 'Honor'
DJ CassidyVEVO

Earlier this month, New York-based record producer DJ Cassidy released a new single called “Honor,” and now he’s dropped a fantastic music video for the track. Directed by fashion photographer Sasha Samsonova, the clip is probably the closest the world will ever come to seeing a Wes Anderson-helmed rap video. It features appearances from singer-songwriter Grace, hip-hop heavyweight Lil Yachty, a beautiful monochrome color scheme, some sublime tracking shots and lots and lots of booty.

The most interesting aspect of the video is how it relates the song that inspired it. Ostensibly, the short doesn’t seem to acknowledge “Honor” themes of emotional vulnerability and loneliness. On closer inspection, the way it frames Cassidy, Grace and Yachty in separate opulent settings perfectly fits with the song’s commentary broken relationships. Where there should be passionate revelry, there is only cold disaffection. And even when all three of the track's performers are finally brought together in the videos concluding shot, there is no intimacy, just proximity. Releasing a video with this much depth definitely continues DJ Cassidy’s streak of being one of modern pop music’s most intriguing artists.

“Honor” can be found of “The Get Down, Part 2” soundtrack.