Watch Dries Van Haute's evocative music video for 'Games'
Dries Van Haute/YouTube

To promote his new Blue Roses EP, electronic/soul artist Dries Van Haute has released a music video for his song “Games.” Directed by Frank Luckas, the video is an abstract interpretation of the song’s lyrics, which concerns an initially loving relationship that turns toxic. In it, Zachée Ntambe Katinda (Zack Swagga) and Stéphanie Mathys perform a sensuous dance routine that actually becomes less intimate as it goes on. It’s a fascinating video that perfectly complements such a haunting track.  

Hailing from Belgium, Dries Van Haute is former architecture student who gave his vocation to pursue his passion. Counting the work of photographer Jan Toorop and painter Gustav Klimt as well as D’Angelo, James Blake and Frank Ocean as his primary influences, Van Haute strives to create music that is as visually evocative as it is sonically captivating. The result is subtle electronic and soul music that has an undeniable cinematic feel and resonance.

His debut EP Blue Roses is out now.