Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead with Phish in Nashville.

Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead with Phish in Nashville.


The jamband scene has always existed on the periphery of the mainstream. But every so often news of the jam world trickles into the mainstream, and naturally, jam fans get really excited. So jam heads watching the MSNBC program “Morning Joe” were probably delighted when the subject of conversation shifted to jambands, most notably Phish.

While the banner at the bottom of the screen read “Congress Scrambles In Opening Day Ethics Quagmire,” that was certainly no longer the topic of discussion when host Joe Scarborough pointed out panelist Bob Costa’s affinity for Phish. As Jambase reported, co-anchor Willie Geist razzed Costa saying, “he smelled like patchouli every morning” after Costa remarked that he had gone to a couple nights of Phish’s NYE run at Madison Square Garden and “still made it to ‘Morning Joe.’

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The conversation also touches on the Grateful Dead and Widespread Panic. Scarborough remarks that he’s “not one of those jamband guys” and that he likes songs that are “a minute and a half,” to which Geist responds with something about a 15-minute “Fluffhead.” We forgive Joe though, because then he says he’s a Sex Pistols fan. You can check out the video below captured by the great and knowledgeable Icculus The Prophet