Watch: Duo SYBS share their 'Motivation' in a new music video

Brother and sister singing duo, SYBS, consists of former pro basketball player Ugonna Onyekwe along with his sister. Their newest effort with their single "Motivation" features Coss Marte of ConBody fame, who previously was arrested and charged as kingpin for a drug empire worth over $2 million a year, and received a seven-year prison sentence, as indicated in a previous bio. Also noted, he changed his inner and outer self by shedding 70 pounds and trained other inmates. This inspired him to begin ConBody. Also featured in the video is Reese Scott, who for 19 years operated a publishing company centered around Women's World of Boxing. Scott is also an amateur fighter, along with being a certified and licensed USA Boxing Coach, also noted in a bio. 

The siblings that makeup SYBS hail from Nigerian descent, and incorporate their heritage and culture into their "pop" music. They fuse 80s pop, along with 90s R&B with hip-hop. The duo currently split their time in New York, London and Los Angeles to continue their artistic pursuits in a variety of places unique to their music, and as individuals. 

With their new single and video, one-half of the duo, Yugy tells AXS that audiences will relate to their new single because "with this video we wanted to capture people in real-world situations who had found a way to overcome huge challenges in their lives and gain an insight into what motivates them to keep pushing in pursuit of their ultimate goals. In Coss Marte and Reese Scott we were fortunate enough to find two amazing people who have gone through so much that could have held them back but they somehow found a way to keep chasing after their dreams and passions despite seemingly insurmountable odds. Their stories are incredible and truly embody the message of what the song is all about, so once they agreed to be part of the project it seemed like everything just fell into place nicely. 

Furthermore, Yugy explains the personal meaning behind "Motivation" relating that "this song came out of a difficult season in my life where I found myself questioning why I kept persevering to overcome a re-occurring injury as a professional athlete. I had to find my own personal motivation to keep fighting despite the numerous setbacks. Ultimately the aim of this song and video is to encourage people in situations where they may be facing tough times and looking for reasons to keep on going. Hopefully, by hearing and seeing other peoples stories it will give them a sense that they don’t have to give up in spite of whatever they are facing because if they find their motivation, they will have a reason to keep pressing on through whatever gets thrown their way."

Find your motivation with SYBS' new single! 

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