Watch: Ed Sheeran drops music video with Kurupt FM for Comic Relief
Comic Relief YouTube

Buckle up and brace yourselves, Sheerios! Ed Sheeran’s highly-anticipated music video collaboration with Kurupt FM finally dropped during Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day 2017 BBC special. In four words: It’s a hot mess.

We mean that, of course, in the most endearing, tongue-in-cheek way. The “Shape of You” singer rocks some great musical green screen moments in the comical 3:48 segment. He “performs” in front of zebras and gazelles, stands strumming in ankle-deep water and even rides an elephant in full tribal costume (until he declares it “offensive” and quits).

Overall, the “Castle on the Hill” crooner doesn’t get many lyrical words in edgewise compared to his Kurupt FM counterparts. Chabuddy G directs the video, after assuring Sheeran it's going to be "sexy." MC Grindah and DJ Beats are featured doing their signature rap in separate cuts, which visually overshadow their dubious British pop star collaborator. They rock it out in front of a launching rooftop helicopter, while playing jump rope with a group of African children and more.

The fragmented and funny finished production follows part one of the “People Do Nothing” stars’ meet up with Sheeran, who Chabuddy G touts as one of the biggest urban artists in the world. Grindah and Beats, however, are unimpressed as Sheeran strums his upbeat, acoustic anthem from Divide, “What Do I Know?” They beg him to make it be “less sh*t" as he stares at them in Grammy-winning disbelief.

You can check out the entire Ed Sheeran and Kurupt FM musical mashup video in the attached clip.

Comic Relief hosts a Red Nose Day campaign each year to help end homelessness and hunger in Africa and the UK. Sheeran made a trip to some of the worst slums in Liberia to support this year’s effort. He was moved to tears upon meeting some street children there and used his own funds to rescue a homeless boy named JD and five of his friends from the streets.

Click here to find out more information about donating to Red Nose Day.

Ed Sheeran is currently touring to support his third studio album Divide. Click here for information on AXS-ticketed events and stay tuned to AXS for Ed Sheeran updates.