Watch: Ed Sheeran flirts with James Corden during Carpool Karaoke
The Late Late Show with James Corden YouTube

Pop superstar Ed Sheeran seized the opportunity to flirt with “The Late Late Show” host James Corden during his highly-anticipated Carpool Karaoke appearance last night. The pair of charismatic native Brits kicked off the segment with Sheeran’s record-breaking single “Shape of You." The show is airing in London this week and the wildly popular sketch played near the end of the hour. As the first notes drifted out of the speakers Corden said, “It already makes my hips move, this. It’s got a real sexy vibe to it.”

Sheeran grinned, reached over and stroked Corden’s leg. The Tony Award winner burst out laughing and said, “I told you it’s a sexy song! I told you it’s a sexy song!” Sheeran piped in, “Grind on it James! I wanna see you work it." Corden happily complied!

Sheerios have waited a long time for Sheeran’s turn in Corden's Range Rover to air. He was spotted filming the sketch back in February. and Corden finally teased a sneak peek last week. Of course, it was well worth the wait! Hands raised, please, if you would’ve done anything to be a backseat third wheel on this musical road trip. (Hand emphatically raised here!)

The “Photograph” singer was particularly impressed with Corden’s ability to fly right through the “Shape of  You” rap section. So were we. He didn’t even stop to catch a breath!

“The Late Late Show” posted an extended version of the sketch on YouTube. We learned a few interesting tidbits about Sheeran in this cut. First, he can fit a whopping 55 Maltease chocolate balls in his mouth – how did he do that? Next, he took Justin Bieber to his first-ever dive bar and later smacked him in the face with a golf club while heeding Bieber’s request to hit a golf ball out of his mouth. Finally, he feels “naked” on stage without his guitar and prefers having it with him behind the mic.

The dynamic duo sang a string of hits including “Sing” and “Thinking Out Loud” from Sheeran’s Grammy-winning sophomore album x, and their own stuck-in-traffic spontaneous jam version of “Castle on the Hill.” They also did amazing acoustic covers of “Love Yourself” which Sheeran co-wrote with Bieber and One Direction’s breakout anthem “That’s What Makes You Beautiful.”

Check out the entire Ed Sheeran Carpool Karaoke extended cut segment in the attached video.

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