Watch: Ed Sheeran gives first-ever live performance of his love song for Suffolk, 'Castle on the Hill'
BBC Radio 1 YouTube

Ed Sheeran is back and he’s already stolen our hearts with his new self-professed “love song for Suffolk,” “Castle on the Hill.” Sheeran dropped his new track, today, Jan. 6 and his adoring Sheerios couldn’t be more thrilled. He also co-hosted BBC’s Radio 1 Breakfast show this morning with Scott Mills and Chris Stark.

The charismatic pair of British radio hosts talked to Sheeran about his year-long hiatus which the Grammy-winning singer ended late last month. They covered all sorts of ground during the two-hour interview, including a spontaneous “Game of Thrones” Ed Sheeran new music listening party and that notable new scar on his face. You can read an AXS report on five interesting tidbits from the interview here and catch the “Castle on the Hill” lyric video and an AXS review of the track here.

Can we just say, Scott Mills, Chris Stark and the BBC Radio 1 crew must be among the luckiest people on earth this morning, to be treated to the first-ever live performance of Ed Sheeran’s new song! Thankfully, they recorded it and posted it, so the rest of the world can cherish it too. As always, Sheeran's performance is infused with his humble, boy-next-door appeal and what may arguably be the most impressive thing about him is that he never seems to notice just how famous he really is. Cheers to Suffolk, Ed, and the superstar it raised!

Click on the attached video to check out the live Radio 1 "Castle on the Hill" studio performance and stay tuned to AXS for more on Ed Sheeran.