Watch: Ed Sheeran serves up a 'Perfect' slice of romantic, snowy bliss in new music video
Ed Sheeran YouTube

Ed Sheeran dropped his romantic music video for “Perfect” on Nov. 9 and it plays like a mini Hallmark Channel romantic holiday movie. Sheeran stars opposite “Why Him?” actress Zoey Deutch in the video that Billboard reports was filmed in snowy Hintertux, Austria last month.

Sheeran is clearly head over heels for the girl in the video and he demonstrates his feelings in a myriad of hopelessly romantic ways. He gazes adoringly at her when she sits across from him and smiles. He rests his head against hers as they ride the ski lift. They ski at night with ski pole torches glowing a blazing path behind them.They make snow angels and he lifts the lid of a pizza box in which he has written, “I wrote a song for you” and then he serenades her in cozy blue plaid pajama bottoms and she cries! Sniff, sniff.

Twinkling Christmas tree lights are shown in other moments as the sweethearts are nestled in a cozy cabin together and the most adorable part comes when they play with a kitten they find in the snow. Snowflakes swirl around them as they kiss and dance in the snow and the moment seems like it could easily be captured in a glistening holiday snow-globe.

The romantic music video is a follow up to “Perfect’s” sweet lyric video which dropped in September. It is currently trending at No. 1 on YouTube, having garnered over 10 million views since it posted. You can watch the entire swoon-worthy tale unfold in the attached video above and stay tuned to AXS for Ed Sheeran updates.