Watch: Eminem is back with politically charged freestyle before BET Hip-Hop Awards

It's no secret that Eminem isn't afraid to rap about something that is bothering him—literally anything.

Tonight (Oct. 9) the old Marshall Mathers returned once again proved that he is indeed a "Rap God," and delivered an intense, four and a half minute freestyle before the annual BET Awards, letting the world know just how he feels—and how others should feel—about Donald Trump. 

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Taking place in a garage in Detroit—almost a replica of a freestyle location in Eminem's biopic "8 Mile"—Slim Shady rips into everything Trump has done so far in his presidency, and holds nothing back. He carefully picks his words, pausing throughout the rap to make sure those listening are digesting his words. You can watch the full video above. 

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As soon as the freestyle aired, Eminem's video had already begun to go viral. He has been fairly quiet throughout the entire election, besides for his song "Campaign Speech" which was released last October, so it's only fitting that fans finally hear what Shady really thinks about the issues happening in the U.S. today.

 Already generating millions of views, this is a perfect way for Eminem to lead into supposedly releasing a new album this fall. Welcome back, back again, Eminem.