Watch: Eric Clapton releases claymation music video for 'White Christmas'
Eric Clapton/YouTube

Eric Clapton recently released a Christmas album, Happy Xmas, which topped Billboard's holiday albums chart. Now, the guitar god has shared a heartwarming claymation video for his bluesy rendition of “White Christmas.” The visual follows a kid--who’s a dead ringer for a young Clapton--after he sees a blues concert. Naturally, the only thing dancing in the young man’s head after the experience is guitars. 

The boy sends a letter to Santa but is a little disappointed on Christmas when he doesn’t find a guitar under the tree. But much to his delight, mom and dad come through with tickets to see his blues hero again, who has some friends in high places. You can check out the video for Eric Clapton’s “White Christmas” above.

As Rolling Stone reported, Clapton is a big fan of Christmas. And his own story isn’t too far off from his young doppelganger in the “White Christmas” video.  “Almost every Christmas, my wife Melia gives me a guitar,” Clapton said in a recent Sirius XM interview. Slowhand also revealed how the Clapton household makes a Christmas playlist every year, but that this year may be different. “Now that we’ve done the album, I may not need to make a playlist this coming year.”