Watch: Exclusive clip of Lauren Jauregui, in the newest edition of Fuse’s ‘A Seat With’

Lauren Jauregui joins Fuse for the latest version of “A Seat With.” In this episode, the former member of Fifth Harmony explores her year in music; discussing writing, releasing brand-new songs, and one of her favorite tracks.

“When we were in the group, we didn't really write until the very last round, and even then I personally wasn't like super invested in the writing, just because it wasn't… my personal expression of art, so I kind of refrained from writing… the whole time that I was in the group,” the 22-year-old singer admits in the clip. “This album process is definitely the first time that I’m really delving into my soul and seeing what it is that is in there to write about.”

Jauregui also opens up about what it’s been like experimenting with her craft, learning from different people, and how her creative process comes from a place of personal inspiration.

Take a look at the clip up above. “A Seat With” Lauren Jauregui airs on Fuse, Friday, Jan. 11. Her new single, “More Than That," is out now.