Watch: EXO drop music video for 'Love Shot' off newly released, repackaged album

As if releasing a repackaged album wasn't enough, today the boys of EXO have also dropped a music video for the title track, 'Love Shot.' The internationally renowned K-pop group have already racked in millions of views for the video on YouTube.

Accompanying the groovy tune is a heist-style video which gives off some serious Ocean's Eleven vibes. To kick-off the video, the group shows-off their cleanly choreographed and striking moves in front of an abandoned gas station. Later the group relocates to more prestigious locations such as a theater and multiple marble-floored lobbies where the group takes on militarized authorities. Ultimately, EXO gets the last laugh before driving off into the sunset in a Ford Mustang stuffed with an array of different flowers. Good luck trying to sit still while listening to this track, its infectious beat is incredibly catchy hypnotic. Check out the full video above. 

LOVE SHOT - The 5th Studio Album Repackage is officially released today and is available everywhere where music can be purchased.