Watch: Fall Out Boy spoofs infomercials in new music video
Fall Out Boy / YouTube

With a little over a week before the release of their brand new album, Fall Out Boy has given fans something to hold them over during the next few days. On Thursday, the Chicago-founded band unleashed the music video for their latest single, “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes).” Staying true to their philosophy of never taking anything too seriously, the music video finds the band running their own infomercial channel where they sell a slew of old memorabilia and even themselves.

The items that the band can be found selling include, but are not limited to frontman Patrick Stump’s suit from the “Dance, Dance” music video; Stump’s hand from the “Youngblood Chronicles”; Holy Water that is priced at $899.99, but reduced to $56.99; a limited supply of Fall Out Boy fidget spinners; and Franklin, the sheep from the cover of Infinity on High.

As if the random items being sold weren’t wacky enough, the infomercial also lists the guys as items that are up for grabs (if you purchase Stump for the price of $736.99, you get a free fedora). Like all infomercials, there’s a phone number given throughout the clip for viewers to call and purchase any items of their choosing.

As opposed to giving a fake phone number, viewers can actually call the number and it will direct them to an automated voice messaging system. The voice messaging system then allows the caller to pre-order Fall Out Boy's album or hear a funny joke. Watch the music video for “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” above.

“Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” will join previously released songs "Hold Me Tight or Don’t," "The Last of the Real Ones," "Young and Menace," and "Champion" on the group's seventh studio album, MANIA. After pushing back the album's release date from September 2017 to early 2018, fans will finally be able to listen to MANIA in full beginning Jan. 19. Pre-orders for MANIA are currently available on the band’s website here.