Watch: Father John Misty's music video for 'God's Favorite Customer'
Father John Misty

Father John Misty strikes again, releasing the third video from his latest album, God’s Favorite Customer (out now on Sub Pop/Bella Union). In previous clips for the release, the artist also known as Josh Tillman found himself in a stop-motion animated hellscape (“Please Don’t Die”) and attempted to escape from a surreally creepy hotel (“Mr. Tillman”).

This time around, FJM is promoting the title track in a clip, directed by Emma Elizabeth Tillman (Mrs. Misty), that finds the good father in bad shape, wandering the streets of Manhattan after what looks like a rough night. The singer is followed in one long unedited shot that tracks him as he, slightly wobbly on his feet and nursing a few bruises, roams the sidewalks before literally taking off to avoid the camera eye.

Tillman/Misty is a confident on-screen figure, whether he's simply strolling the streets or doing a comic take on an unboxing video, and directors of both the short and long-form seem to be taking note. Besides contributing a song ("Gilded Cage") to the soundtrack of the recently released action movie "Hotel Artemis," Father Tillman has a cameo spot in the new movie. (Watch him tell Seth Meyers about it.)

So, there's video clips, an action film, and even a new behind-the-scenes short of Tillman in a cozy home studio recording God's Favorite Customer. But the place you really want to see Father John Misty is live on stage. Click here for tickets to select dates on his 2018 concert tour.