WATCH: Foo Fighters premiere new single at "Lah Di Dah" in Iceland
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Fans who had made the journey to Iceland for the epic Secret Solstice Festival were wowed by Foo Fighters, who headlined the festival's Friday lineup. As part of the normal fiery performance expected of Foo Fighters, the band premiered their new single "Lah Di Dah," which some fans managed to capture on video. The band also gave their single "Run" and the track "The Sky Is A Neighborhood" their live debuts at Secret Solstice.

In addition to debuting some new music, Foo Fighters had an epic moment when Dave Grohl's eight-year-old daughter Harper joined the band on drums to play an aptly chosen cover of Queen's legendary song "We Will Rock You." Grohl teased the audience, saying "if you want, we can play all of the new Foo Fighters music for you, before anyone else."

Foo Fighters' follow-up to 2014's Sonic Highways is still mostly just a rumor, but with the new single "Run," as well as the other new songs appearing at Secret Solstice, it's safe to say new Foo Fighters is imminent. Upcoming for the superstar rock group are a performance at Glastonbury Festival, and a plethora of other fests across Europe. For those back in America hoping to see them this year, never fear: the band will be playing at 2017's Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, and are also scheduled to open Washington D.C.'s newest venue, The Anthem, in October. Once a new album is confirmed, fans should expect to see a proper Foo Fighters tour to follow.