Watch: Foster the People share music video for latest single 'Worst Nites'

Foster the People is back with a video for their new disco-infused track “Worst Nites,” the first original music from the indie pop outfit since the 2017 LP Sacred Hearts Club. Directed by Foster the People frontman Nick Foster and "Hunger Games" star Josh Hutcherson, the video is a clever piece of filmmaking starring real-life clown Richie the Barber. After waking up late for work and hopping on his unicycle (because that’s how a single clown gets around), Richie runs into some problems at work when his co-workers discover that he is a clown (above his cubicle “No clowning around” is written on the wall).

Richie flees as his unaccepting coworkers give chase, only to find himself performing for a less than enthusiastic crowd. Worse still, his clown-hating coworkers catch up with him. It appears the jig is up until Richie discovers that he has a secret power over the angry mob and soon he has everyone enjoying themselves. The video (watch above) is an astute comment on the value of individuality, especially in this day and age, as Mark Foster said in a statement published by Billboard.

“We are living in a world where we’re engulfed in pressure to conform. This story is a metaphor for not being afraid to embrace who you really are. There’s an immense freedom that comes with taking ownership over what makes you unique, Foster said. “Thank you for watching,” he continued. “And sorry if you hate clowns. We love them.”