Watch: Fred Armisen surrounds himself with fellow drummers in new Netflix comedy special

What’s the last thing the drummer said before being kicked out of the band?
“Hey guys, let’s play one of my songs!”

Okay that’s not quite what the drummer said (maybe), but the timeless musical joke is certainly fitting to comedian/part-time musician Fred Armisen, as the “Portlandia” actor is set to deliver plenty of similar material in his new rhythm-focused Netflix special.

The trailer for the latest stand-up special from the popular streaming service, which is titled “Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers,” arrived over the weekend, and features the veteran comedian sharing plenty of jokes in front of a room full of fellow percussionists. As seen in the short but funny clip above, numerous folks in the audience can be seen holding their own set of drumsticks, giving the impression that this special will be a bit more participation-friendly than the more recent ones.

Throughout the 64-second trailer, Armisen hints at doing plenty of silly impressions, including that of a “decomposing fox,” and of course one of fellow drummer in Ringo Starr.

Armisen is no stranger to the world of music. The 51-year-old entertainer is the part-time band leader on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," and was the drummer in a punk band named Trenchmouth, which formed back in the late 1980s until his success as a comedian began to take hold in the mid-90s. He’s also made headlines thanks to his collaborative musical projects alongside artists like Regina Spektor, members of Guns N’ Roses and even released a somewhat fictional soft rock EP alongside fellow funnyman Bill Hader under the group alias Blue Jeans Committee.

Fans can tune in for what looks like another hilarious win for Netflix when “Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers” arrives on Feb. 6. Until then, fans can watch the video below to determine how well Armisen holds up against a seasoned professional like Questlove.