Watch: Harry Styles climbs to new heights in epic 'Two Ghosts' London rooftop performance
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Harry Styles climbed to dizzying heights to deliver a sweet solo performance against a backdrop of the London-at-dusk skyline in his reappearance on “The Late Late Show” last night. He crooned his soft ballad “Two Ghosts” on the rooftop of Central Hall Westminster, with epic London landmarks like Big Ben and The London Eye behind him. It was breathtaking.

Styles looked completely at ease in his stunning blue velvet suit, strumming his guitar for the rooftop set. The height of Central Hall’s skyline terrace obviously didn’t faze the beloved British singer-songwriter at all. Maybe that’s because he already nailed the daunting task of hanging from a helicopter over 1,500 feet in the air to shoot his “Sign of the Times” music video.

Plus, he’s practically family on “The Late Late Show” set, after enjoying a critically-acclaimed week-long residency on the show in Los Angeles following his album’s release. The camera angles were perfect for Styles’ soft “Two Ghosts” performance. Several closeups highlight his smoldering eyes and signature windswept hair. A beautiful rotating 360 view gives a sweeping aerial view of London which goes on for miles.

“Two Ghosts” is a sad, haunting song, which is widely-believed to be about the former One Direction member’s brief relationship with Taylor Swift. Per Daily Mail, he also sang “Sweet Creature" during rehearsal, which could easily be written for his sister, Gemma, or his mom.

Styles’ captivating performance followed his huge 2018 solo tour expansion announcement. His 2017 international dates at intimate venues sold out in mere seconds. The new dates are expected to do the same.

Harry Styles is sitting on top of the world right now in more ways than one, with the massive success of his self-titled debut solo album, which topped charts in his native U.K., the U.S., and dozens of countries across the globe. He even bumped collaborator, friend, and U.K. Albums Chart dominator Ed Sheeran off his place at the top of their native charts.

Styles made a significant style shift with his first solo record. He traded boyband pop for art-rock, channeling British greats like David Bowie, Mick Jagger and The Beatles.

Check out his “Two Ghosts” rooftop performance in the attached video and stay tuned to AXS for Harry Styles tickets and updates.