Watch: Harry Styles delivers with epic 'Kiwi' debut on 'Late Late Show'
The Late Late Show with James Corden YouTube

Harry Styles rocked the house with his epic “Kiwi” debut on “The Late Late Show” last night. Only he could flaunt a green pinstriped jumpsuit with blousy pants and shoulder pads the way he did – with pure rock star swagger and just a pinch of dimpled boy-next-door charm.

“Kiwi” is the edgiest track on Styles’ critically-acclaimed self-titled debut album. It takes off like a rocket and he doesn’t break pace with it for a second. His “Late Late Show” performance marked the final one in his week-long residency on his pal James Corden’s show. The "Sign of the Times" singer traded hair-flipping teases for rock god screams and sliding down to the stage on his knees.

He belted, “I think she said, I’m havin’ your baby / It’s none of your business'” and the audience went wild. The electric performance was the polar opposite of the previous night’s haunting acoustic ballad, “Two Ghosts.” This wild side of Britain's fan favorite pop star felt totally organic. His inner rock tiger has been gunning to go on the prowl.

Overall, Harry Styles has appeared to have a blast during his extended stint the show. He delivered the monologue with cheeky brilliance, warned us of the side effects of going solo, was one-half of a singing surgical duo and turned out a crazy-good round of Carpool Karaoke with Corden. He even set up a cozy bedroom in his dressing room and caught up on his beauty sleep.

Above all, though, the former One Direction member’s “Kiwi” performance permanently seals his rock star status. He’s got the jumpsuit (Elvis Presley totally rocked jumpsuits, remember?). He’s got all the right moves (just as smooth as Mick Jagger). Therefore, it may just be goodbye pop star and hello rock star! Check out Styles' entire "Kiwi" performance in the attached video.

Harry Styles will tour to support his debut solo album this fall. Stay tuned to AXS for Harry Styles updates.