Watch: Harry Styles' heart rate climbs at Ryan Gosling photo in BBC Radio 1 Heart Monitor Challenge
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Harry Styles makes hearts race around the globe with his dreamy good looks and his rock star swagger. Fans were treated to a glimpse of what gets the “Sign of the Times” singer’s own heart rate climbing during his July 17 visit to BBC 1 Radio to promote his “Dunkirk” film debut. He took the Heart Monitor Challenge for his pal Nick Grimshaw and the results were hilarious, as captured in the attached video.

In the game, Styles was hooked up to a heart monitor and Grimmy showed him a series of pictures to see how they affected his heart rate. “Dunkirk” director Christopher Nolan was first up in the stack and he confessed to being “pretty in awe of him.” His heart rate notably remained at a calm 62 beats per minute. He laughed next, at a photo of himself in “those gross giant purple trainers you used to wear,” Grimshaw teased. His rate jumped a little to 72.

A still shot of a shirtless Ryan Gosling from “The Notebook” was next and Styles heart rate climbed to 80 as he said, “Looking very handsome. That’s a good scene. Um, he’s great.” Grimmy quickly pointed out the rate spike, to which Styles defensively piped, “No, it’s not!” What sped the hunky Brit’s heart up the most? A photo of Chelsea boots, of course!

Diehard fans know Harry Styles is a self-professed rom-com fanatic. He watched a bunch of them for inspiration during the songwriting phase of his chart-topping debut solo album. He also talked about his love of the film genre during his radio interview with Grimshaw. He said he's seen “The Notebook” around 30 times. That some pretty mad love for a movie, huh?

Speaking of movies, fans are anxiously waiting for “Dunkirk” to make its wide theatrical release on July 21. Early reviews of the film have been good with The Hollywood Reporter calling it “an impressionist masterpiece.” A Metro UK reviewer gave Styles' performance positive remarks saying, “Styles is great in Dunkirk” and his character is “arguably one of the more complicated and unlikable people in the film.”

"Dunkirk" is obviously a serious WWII drama, which would make for a challenging debut feature film project for the "Sweet Creature" singer. A rom-com lead wouldn't even be that much of a stretch, really. He's got romantic down. Consider his recent "Two Ghosts" performance on the Westminster Hall rooftop for "The Late Late Show," for example. He's funny, too. His SNL Mick Jagger impersonation was hilarious!

Grimshaw also flashed a picture of Styles’ 1D-departing former band mate Zayn in a leather jacket with nothing under it. They both agreed the "Pillow Talk" singer's fashion choice would be “a little too sweaty” for them.

Watch Harry Styles’ full “Heart Monitor Challenge” in the attached video.

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