Watch: Harry Styles makes a wish to take over Jimmy Fallon's job on 'The Tonight Show'
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube

Harry Styles stopped by “The Tonight Show” last night to chat with host Jimmy Fallon about his upcoming feature film debut in “Dunkirk.” During the conversation, Fallon asked his SNL sketch partner to make a wish into a special jade bottle Stevie Nicks gave him at a previous visit. Styles took the bottle, thought for a moment, then “blew” his wish into the bottle and capped it. A few seconds later, the former One Direction member’s wish came true.

The Emmy-winning talk show host grabbed his chest, fell out of his chair and onto the floor. The “Sign of the Times” singer promptly seized his golden opportunity to step behind the desk and steal Fallon’s coveted hosting chair. You can watch the entire hilarious bit in the video above.

Hosting a talk show isn’t anything new for the young British heartthrob who recently did a week-long residency at “The Late Late Show” with his pal James Corden. Critics and fans alike praised Styles’ stint on the show, during which he also performed several tracks from his chart-topping self-titled debut solo album.

While at “The Tonight Show,” Styles also teased an upcoming music video for his next single “Two Ghosts.” He didn’t offer many details, though Fallon asked how he could possibly top the high-flying action in his “Sign of the Times” video, and wondered if the “Two Ghosts” video is paranormal. He also noted that normally, people are only haunted by one ghost.

Styles said, “That’s what’s so scary about this. I’m really concerned about the fact that there’s a ghost. And, there’s another one and they’re almost, like, cancelling each other out. They’re kind of busy with each other. So, I’m not really bothered by either ghost.”

We’ll have to wait to see if any spooky spirits appear in the impending video for the track which is largely believed to be about Styles’ brief past relationship with Taylor Swift. He did a beautiful rooftop performance of the track on a "Late Late Show" London visit. A firm "Two Ghosts" video release date has not yet been announced.

Harry Styles is currently touring to support his solo album. Click here for information on AXS-ticketed shows.