Watch: Harry Styles smashes 'Landslide' duet with Stevie Nicks, then cries
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Harry Styles undoubtedly made many of his fans’ dreams come true who attended his surprise show (which preempted his first solo tour) at L.A.’s world-famous Troubadour. Proceeds from the pop-up show benefited youth homeless charity, Safe Place for Youth. Young Styles may have proved sharing good fortune and spreading good vibes has a way of coming back around when he lived out a dream come true of his own at the impromptu show. One of his professed musical idols, Stevie Nicks, joined him on stage to perform a stunning trio of songs.

Styles was visibly smitten and honored to share the famous West Hollywood venue stage with Nicks. She joined the British heartthrob mid-way through his set. They started off with a tender rendition of Styles’ haunting acoustic ballad, “Two Ghosts” (which is presumed to be about his brief dating stint with Taylor Swift). Then they launched into the ruminating Nicks-penned, Fleetwood Mac ballad “Landslide.”

Fans offered adoring, awestruck declarations as Styles leaned into the song’s signature harmonies with vocal perfection. The best (and arguably most unexpected part) came when Styles quickly wiped tears away from his eyes at the end of the song. Then the famous pair of singers shared a big, warm hug.

As if that isn’t sweet enough – the “Sign of the Times” singer sat down in the audience at the front of the stage after that to stare at Nicks with rapt attention as she explained how “Landslide” is the one song Fleetwood Mac plays at every single show without fail and added, “This song travels through the generations.”

Harry Styles has made a huge splash with his self-titled debut album hitting No. 1 in the U.S. and his native U.K. He’s long been considered the fan-favorite member of the boy band that launched his music career, One Direction. It’s touching to see someone as famous as he is get “star struck” and humbled by a Grammy-winning songstress like Stevie Nicks. She’s a living British rock legend, and with Harry Styles’ art-rock tone on his first solo album, they have enviable onstage chemistry.

Nicks closed out her guest appearance by delivering another spectacular duet with Styles. This time, they sang a smash solo hit of her own, “Leather and Lace.” The track was notably a duet with Eagles singer Don Henley from Nicks' 1981 solo debut album Bella Donna.

If you’re looking for some Harry Styles and/or Stevie Nicks-induced warm and fuzzy feelings, check out their live “Landslide” duet in the video above and their other two duets below.

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