Watch Iggy T and the Crazymakers reminisce about the first time they met and explain how well they collaborate
AXS Studios

Iggy T and the Crazymakers is a new band out of Ojai, Calif. made up of Sarah Todd and David Franz, who met by literally hearing each other play music from across the room. Since then, the two have been working continuously to create a unique and collaborative sound, which is an eclectic mix of soul, rock and blues.

"It's been pretty smooth surprisingly, very collaborative," Franz told AXS. "All the songs end up being 50/50—the contributions. It's pretty magical," Todd added. 

Their musical inspiration comes from not just specific artists or people in their lives, it comes from what is happening n the world. Todd explains that social injustice and the women's movement are just a couple of things that have influenced their songwriting and sound. 

The band, which also consists of three others to complete their sound, recently released their debut EP Fire. Fans of Alabama Shakes or The Black Keys will recognize their sound in this band— you can download  their new EP here.

Watch the full interview with Iggy T and the Crazymakers above.