Watch: Ivory Layne discusses the connective power of self-expression at the BBVA Music Sessions

Ivory Layne's voice can silence a room. It can also get people to sing, dance, and feel strongly. She demonstrated this effect at the most recent BBVA Music Sessions event in Dallas, where she commanded attention with a mix of up-tempo hits and bold ballads that showcased her impeccable songwriting and performance prowess. Signed to Justin Timberlake's artist development company Villa 40, the rising soulful pop singer has released two singles, "Shake My Head" and "Committed." 

Before her performance, Layne sat down with AXS to discuss the value of the BBVA Music Sessions at this point in her career. "The main hurdle for me has been to keep going...You really have to know who you are and know the kind of music that you want to put out and that's been a journey, but that's what's so exciting about being here and having opportunities like this, to express my story and encourage other people: don't give up on your dreams." 

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