Watch: Iyla talks about the 'honest' vibe of 'War + Raindrops' during BBVA Music Sessions
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Rising R&B artist Iyla’s rich, sultry, mesmerizing sound defies her self-proclaimed shyness. Connecting with her fans through her music is what opens her up. When the Los Angeles native singer-songwriter hits the stage, she pours her heart into her performance.

Iyla entered the music landscape right after high school in a girl group. She enjoyed the experience but felt conflicted. She wasn’t making the kind of music that she felt represented herself as an artist.

A couple of years later, she met her current producer, Kadis. They began to work together to develop her voice. During a recent AXS interview ahead of her BBVA performance in San Antonio, Iyla said that Kadis was the first person who believed in her. He was also committed to helping her make the kind of music she wanted to make.

For five years, they worked on her critically acclaimed EP War + Raindrops. Developing the collection slowly allowed Iyla to find herself as an artist. Ultimately, her shimmering blend of soulful pop shines brilliantly through the finished product.

The “California” songstress discussed the “honest” vibe of the record. She said, “I think the vibe of War + Raindrops is very honest. I think lyrically, it is very much me and it’s what I’ve been through — in love, out of love, finding myself in all of it, just as a young woman …”

Overall, she’s proud of the record, which also delivers an eclectic sound that fuses warm R&B with full-bodied soul and classical jazz.