Watch Jack Black sing his 'Jumanji' theme song during The Graham Norton Show

Jack Black is known for hilarious and rockin’ tunes in his band Tenacious D, but on the silver screen, the comedic actor can do more than shred a mean guitar. In his latest film, “Jumanji,” Black stars alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart playing the avatars of teenagers who get sucked into the console version of the jungle game. During a stop on the Graham Norton show, the trio spoke about the film and Black informed viewers that he had actually written a theme song for the film.

Black said that with the help of Nick Jonas, he had crafted a dramatic theme song that may or may not be used in the score or soundtrack of the film. He went on to explain that there had even been a music video made for the song they were hoping to release. The actor then proceeded to serenade the audience and fellow guests with a few bars from his epic ballad of jungle survival.

Check out Black’s dramatic performance in the video above.