Watch: James Corden gets by with a little help from his friend Paul McCartney on 'Carpool Karaoke'
The Late Late Show with James Corden YouTube

James Corden aired what is arguably the most epic installment of Carpool Karaoke last night (June 21) on "The Late Late Show" when Sir Paul McCartney gave his friend a little help navigating the streets of his hometown of Liverpool, England.

It’s hard to say what was better, watching Corden live out his dream of sitting next to the former Beatles frontman singing in the car, or watching the looks on people’s faces as the famous pair walked the city streets. Their walk took them to special places like the barber shop mentioned in “Penny Lane” and Sir Paul’s childhood home where they stood in the very room in which he co-wrote “She Loves You” with his late, great writing partner John Lennon when they were only boys.

So many notable, memorable moments filled this segment that it’s impossible to pick the best one. At one time, the charismatic “Late Late Show” host wiped tears from his eyes as they finished singing “Let It Be” as he recalled how his granddad and his dad, who were both musicians, sat him down and told him they were going to play him the best song he’d ever heard and played that iconic Beatles track, which was based on a dream Paul had about his mother after she’d passed away.

“If my granddad was here right now, he’d get an absolute kick out of this,” Corden told an obviously moved McCartney.

The Beatles’ iconic music catalog has transcended time and continues to move and inspire multiple generations. Corden praised the songs for being so full of joy, love, and positivity, noting they’re more relevant now than ever. Macca graciously agreed.

They end their extended tour with an amazing secret gig at Liverpool’s Philharmonic Pub, where Sir Paul played an amazing classic set and Corden happily looked on from behind the bar. Beatles fans everywhere will undoubtedly have this extended 23-minute plus Carpool segment on repeat for a while –and it’s well worth it! Check out the entire Carpool Karaoke session with Paul McCartney in the video embedded above.

Paul McCartney recently excited fans by announcing two new singles and an upcoming album called Egypt Station, due out this fall. Stay tuned to AXS for Paul McCartney news and updates.