Watch: James Corden spurs sibling rivalry between Jonas Brothers in epic 'Spill Your Guts' game
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James Corden put the Jonas Brothers in several awkward situations last night (March 5) in a hilarious game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts on “The Late Late Show.”

The newly-reunited trio was seated next to each other at a table as Corden spun the wheel of disgusting foods. In a new variation of the popular game, waiters from backstage served the brothers samples of the culinary delicacies they would all have to eat if any of them chose not to answer the question they were asked.

Corden seized the chance to spur some sibling rivalry by asking the guys to pick one brother over the other in multiple questions.

For instance, he asked Kevin Jonas if he had to buy an album, would he pick a Nick Jonas album or one of Joe Jonas' DNCE albums. Failing to give an answer meant everyone would have to eat some yummy beetle marmalade toast.

Kevin squirmed before asking, “Do you want us to stay together?” then said he would buy a DNCE album. Nick, on the other hand, was tasked with naming the most famous person who has hit on him or he and his bros would be forced to take a swig of bird saliva – and they all drank it.

Joe was asked to rank boybands Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, One Direction and BTS from best to worst. Not wanting to make waves (or headlines) with his peers, they all had to drink a three-chili pepper smoothie. Joe needed a milk chaser afterward, while Nick and Kevin didn’t seem to mind it at all. In fact, Kevin took more than one drink!

Joe was put into a tense position again when he was asked who he would rather go on vacation with Nick and his new wife Priyanka Chopra or Kevin and his wife Danielle Jonas. To save them from diving into a plate of worm spaghetti, Joe picked Nick and Pry, explaining if they were paying, it would be awesome.

Watch the hilarious, gag-worthy “Spill Your Guts” session above.

Later in the show, Corden joined the Jonas Brothers in a funny parody of their song “Year 3000” called “Year 2019.” Above all, the brothers wearing wigs of their former hairstyles in the performance is well worth the watch. Check it out it below.

The Jonas Brothers are enjoying a week-long guest stint on “The Late Late Show” (dubbed #LateLateJonas”) in the wake of their new single and music video for “Sucker.”

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