Watch: James Corden takes extreme measures to reunite the Jonas Brothers on 'The Late Late Show'
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Jonas Brothers fans are stoked that their favorite band is back together. What they probably didn’t know is "The Late Late Show” host James Corden played a big part in their reunion.

The Emmy-winning talk show host hatched a plan to get brothers Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Joe Jonas back together while watching depressing news stories with his bandleader Reggie Watts. He decided everything was fabulous back in 2013 – except that’s when The Jonas Brothers split up.

Corden and Watts proceed to “kidnap” each of the beloved brothers from different locations and tie them together on three chairs to talk about their alleged beef with each other. After throwing water in their faces a few times, Corden is shocked to discover they have no problem with each other at all.

Then he issues the Grammy-nominated trio a passionate plea, “I want you to reunite. I want you to become a symbol of peace and harmony for all mankind. I want you to inspire people to set aside their petty differences and come together as one. These are dark times. But I truly believe a Jonas Brothers reunion represents our greatest hope of once again stepping back into the light.”

To Corden’s delight, the band agreed to grant his wish.

(Watch the hilarious scheme unfold in the video above).

As previously reported, the Jonas Brothers will be taking over “The Late Late Show” this week, to celebrate their highly-anticipated reunion. Last night’s visit follows the release of their first new music video in six years, “Sucker.”

During their interview, the brothers revealed the idea for their reunion came during the filming of their recently-announced Amazon Studios documentary.

Nick Jonas explained, “The documentary tracks our childhood to our time with the band and it was going to be a story about where we are today. It was separate lives, doing separate things – Joe with DNCE and me with my solo stuff. During that time, we started to realize there was a magic we that we felt like we were missing.”

 So, the brothers started playing some music together and jointly decided this is what they should be doing right now.

Kevin admitted it’s been hard to keep a secret and Joe said he faced an awkward situation when Black Eyed Peas leader saw them at the airport together in London after their video shoot and asked them what they were doing there. Joe told them they were on vacation with the whole “fam jam” because they were surrounded by their team.

The Jonas Brothers will also join a long list of superstars like Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Adele, and more by airing a Carpool Karaoke segment during their week-long “Late Late Show” residency - aka #LateLateJonas this week. They are also following Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes by taking over the show.

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