Watch: Jason Mraz and fans craft touching musical Valentine with 'Love is Still the Answer' video
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A couple of weeks ago, Jason Mraz asked fans to “point their camera into the direction of love” and was amazed by the overwhelming response.

In a Valentine’s Day email blast to his fan base which he also shared on Twitter, Mraz revealed he received nearly 1,000 submissions from 51 countries “with cameras aimed at nature, art, and humanity.” He also penned an important definition of love, which began with a quote from his teacher, Terces Engelhart, which reads, “There is only love, everything else is our resistance to it.”

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter went on to describe his own perception of love in the heartfelt message.

He said, “Love is sharing. Love is service. Love is compassion. Love is acceptance. Love is listening. Love is empathy. Love is patience. Love is a healer. Love is all this and more and it is absolutely free. And we can use Love in our daily lives to help overcome our sadnesses, injustices, inequalities, and suffering. And everyone suffers. So everyone can and will benefit from your Love. Thanks for sharing yours. And thanks to you, I cried watching this.” (Read his post below).

Mraz attached the official music video for “Love Is Still the Answer” to his post. The track hails from his latest album Know and the moving visual is a compilation of some of the pictures and clips he received in answer to his call.

Mraz sings and strums the guitar as the six-minute-plus video unwinds, revealing stunning images like a closeup of a newborn baby, a glorious sunset, falling snow, children laughing and dancing, and people of all ages hugging and kissing.

In some frames, the word “love” is spelled out or shown in a tattoo. In others, a vinyl record is playing against a shimmering light, skaters glide across a pond holding hearts above their heads, people cuddle cats and dogs, and animals show affection to each other.

Mraz appears in various settings dancing and singing the touching ballad. In one sobering scene, students hold up signs each bearing a word of the song title in front of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, with another sign bearing the names of the victims of the mass shooting which occurred there in Parkland, Florida a year ago on Valentine’s Day.

Jason Mraz is known for being a brilliant wordsmith, who often weaves raps into his tracks while demonstrating his eloquent use of vocabulary. In his sixth studio album, he remains committed to sending a message of love and kindness, which is a dominant theme across his entire song catalog. The Virginia native crooner also bears a “Be Love” tattoo on his arm. “Love Is Still the Answer” and its tender video is arguably one of his best.

 If you feel like reveling in some warm and fuzzy feelings, grab some Kleenex and watch the "Love Is Still the Answer" video above.

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