Watch: Jenny Lewis joins Father John Misty to perform 'God's Favorite Customer'
Courtesy of concertedly

During his performance at Historic Fort York in Toronto on Saturday, Father John Misty surprised the crowd by having former Rilo Kiley lead singer Jenny Lewis join him onstage during the song "God's Favorite Customer."

Jokingly introducing the song by saying "We'll regale you with more mid-tempo material," Misty and his band commenced playing his latest album's eponymous song, giving no hint to the surprise that was about to occur.

Lewis, sporting a flared denim pantsuit, gracefully walked onto the stage three minutes into the song (she was already performed there that day on a bill that included The National, Julien Baker and Dan Edmonds).

Sitting on a stool in front of Misty's piano, Lewis provided backing vocals during the chorus, occasionally keeping time with her right foot. The appearance became a lighthearted and jovial one as the singers took turns singing each other's names. While Misty would sing "Jenny," Lewis would respond with "Joshy" referring to Misty's real name, Josh Tillman.

Father John Misty will next appear at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco on Aug. 10. Lewis is scheduled to appear at the Oya Festival is Oslo, Norway on Aug. 8.