Watch: Jesse McCartney takes on multiple identities in new music video ‘Wasted’
Jesse McCartney/YouTube

Pop artist Jesse McCartney released his newest video for "Wasted" on Jan. 10. He's testing out the comedy waters as he plays several characters in a soap opera-esque role that's dubbed "The Young & The Wasted" after the hit soap opera "The Young & The Restless."

In the opening scenes, McCartney is seen playing the role of a playboy or bachelor where he's about to fight over a love interest with a biker, also played by McCartney. The video comes complete with corny dialogue as the biker tells the woman that the bachelor is only interested in her father's money whom she's admitted to murdering. Now that the secret is out, McCartney appears yet again but this time as a butler who shoots an arrow into the biker.

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Enter the plot twist. The woman is also interested in the butler while McCartney's drunk Aunt Marge shows up to stop the fighting in the kitchen. McCartney appears one last time as "The Young & The Wasted" goes to commercial break not only as himself but also a tattooed version of himself as they both watch the soap opera together.

"Wasted" is just one of two songs released in 2018, "Better with You" preceding the new video. The songs are planned to be released on an upcoming album but no details are available at this time. McCartney released his fourth album In Technocolor in July 2014 supported by singles "Back Together," "Superbad" and "Punch Drunk Recreation."

Check out the entertaining video for "Wasted" above.