Watch: John Lennon's new music video for 'Gimme Some Truth'
johnlennon / YouTube

Even when great musicians pass on, their music lives forever. This is glaringly evident in the case of Beatles' founding member John Lennon. While he passed away in 1980 at the age of 40, fans still enjoy his music to this day and one of his protest songs just got re-released.

The song is "Gimme Some Truth" and the 1971 track was re-released with a brand-new video accompanying it. The striking footage is a lyric video that has Lennon singing the song accompanied by the words on the screen. 

The video hit just in time for the midterm elections and had Lennon saying he was tired of hearing lies from politicians, primadonnas, hypocrites and chauvinists and he just wants to hear the truth. He also namedropped Richard Nixon in the song by his nickname "Tricky Dicky" showing not much has changed over the decades.

Called the Ultimate Mix, "Gimme Some Truth" really strips the song down toJohn Lennon's fed-up vocals and a guitar riff playing along with it. The song is on the reissue of Imagine, which hit in October. This is a new box-set that includes demos, outtakes and different mixes such as this one. 

Also included on Imagine is a new documentary called The Evolution Documentary and shows how every song went from an idea to a finished product.