Watch: John Mayer debuts new song 'I Guess I Just Feel Like'
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John Mayer recently debuted an introspective, poignant new song called “I Guess I Just Feel Like” during an intimate live performance at the iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank, California. Mayer contemplates the current state of the world around him as he strums an acoustic guitar and sings:

“I guess I just feel like/Nobody’s honest, nobody’s true/Everyone’s lying, to make it on through/I guess I just feel like, I’m the same way too.”

The soft, stripped back delivery and ruminating lyrics of the track are arguably reminiscent of the early, Room for Squares era Mayer. Having just turned 41 (Oct. 16), the Grammy-winning crooner has accumulated more than 15 years of life experience since his Grammy-winning debut album was released. Given the turbulent status of the current political climate, Mayer is taking raw, honest stock of his present life. Despite the melancholy tone of the song, one thing is clear: Mayer doesn’t plan to give up hope.

He sings, “The future is fading, the past is on hold/But I know that I’m open/I know that I’m free/And I’ll always let hope in/Wherever I’ll be.”

Per Billboard, Mayer had only just finished writing the song before the show and thanked the audience for listening adding, “There's nothing hit-like about it. But sometimes you've just got to tell the truth with a guitar…” He also teased an upcoming series of new singles, instead of an entire new album. Watch his full performance of the new song above.

“I Guess I Just Feel Like” follows Mayer’s release of his single “New Light” last May. Both tracks follow his 2017 album, The Search for Everything, which was released in waves. He also launched a laid-back, funny, and informative Instagram live talk show called “Current Mood.” In the Oct. 21 segment he revealed he had a low-key birthday, for which he said, “My friends fed me meat and off to sleep I went.”

The “Daughters” singer brought out surprise guest for his show, Cazzie David (daughter of actor-comedian-director Larry David). They played a game called “Who’s older, John or ___.” Then David asked him a series of personal questions, including some very direct questions about his sex life. Later in the show, Mayer brought out Cautious Clay as a musical guest and teased that they’re working on some new music together. Watch the “Current Mood” episode below and stay tuned to AXS for John Mayer updates.