Watch Jon Fratelli of The Fratellis discuss changes in recording and why they still play their old songs live
AXS Studios

"Chelsea Dagger" by The three-piece Scottish band The Fratellis is one of the most recognizable songs—from commercials, sporting events and beyond—the song has been everywhere. Now, The Fratellis, who have been a band since 2005 are back with their fifth studio album In Your Own Sweet Time, set to be released March 16, and are about to set out on a massive tour.

This new album is different than past—lead singer/songwriter Jon Fratelli changed up his style, a bit, sang in a falsetto voice and took more of an electronic production approach, compared to past albums.

"It was probably the first record that we wrote that there wasn't a single song on there that was written with me sitting there with a guitar," Jon Fratelli told AXS. "I just didn't do that in the past year or so, so everything was done on my laptop and various programs. I'm not that great at it, I often need help from people who know more than me."

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