Watch Jules Rendell's dreamy music video for 'The Return'
Jules Rendell/YouTube

Earlier this month, English singer-songwriter Jules Rendell released a new single entitled “The Return” and it’s quite enjoyable.

The track is a chilled out electronic soul song that argues for the importance of always striving to not let life’s everyday anxieties and disappointments overwhelm our connections to one another. Given the current socio-political moment, it’s refreshing to hear such a straightforwardly hopeful sentiment in otherwise despondent or oblivious pop music landscape.

“The Return” also has a lot to offer musically. Rendell’s vocal has a radiant warmth that plays really well against producers Feranmi Oguns and Bastian Testori icy electronic/soul soundscapes. Taken together, those elements strongly remind the listener of the work of Jessie Ware and Zero 7. The track also has a really enjoyable music video directed by Ricardo Castro. Though it does not feature a direct interpretation of the song’s lyrics, it does evoke its themes in a subtle and visually compelling manner.

Born in Birmingham, based in London Jules Rendell is a singer and composer who is best known for her work with the popular UK gospel and soul vocal group Get Gospel. However, she’s quietly establishing herself as one of the most interesting solo acts on the English music scene with sold-out performances at the Manchester Academy and 02 Islington.

“The Return” is the third single from Rendell’s very fine new debut album Imagine, which can and should be purchased here.