Watch: Kali Uchis proves it's all about the Benjamins in new video for ‘Just A Stranger’
Kali Uchis/YouTube

Kali Uchis has shared her new music video for “Just A Stranger” (ft. Steve Lacy), one of the many dance-friendly tracks on her 2018 studio album, Isolation. Uchis, who is just as talented as she is carefree and daring in terms of her unapologetic artist persona, puts together a performance somewhere between Miley CyrusBangerz era and Money Mayweather in the fun, vice-filled new video, which can be watched in full above.

The video starts out in some kind of psychedelic-fueled environment, where sexy women in bikinis saturated in neon color schemes count $100 bills like their last name is Mayweather. Uchis finally takes front and center as the first verse kicks off with here looking right into the camera to sing, “She's a hurricane, feel the Earth shake, If the devil was asleep she'd knock him wide awake.”

Viewers are then taken out of Uncle Pennybags’ rave basement and onto the beach, where Uchis and her team of models in neon bathing suits continue their ongoing party. Anyone who’s been listening to Kali Uchis’ music, or has attended one of the shows on her recently completed North American fall tour knows that the singer-songwriter loves living life to the fullest like one big party, and she captures that carefree passion perfectly in the new music video. It’s also worth noting that Uchis took on the role of the video’s creative director, because do you really think she’s going to hand her artistic visions off to someone else, of course not. Do your thing Kali!

Uchis’ fall tour may have come to an end, but the emerging singer will be making a big appearance at southern California’s Tropicália Festival in Long Beach this weekend, alongside Cardi BMac DeMarcoChicano Batman and more. Tickets for both days of the weekend event are on sale now and can be purchased by clicking here.