Watch: Kelly Clarkson performs 'Move You' for Nashville sessions, releases 'Meaning of Life' tracklisting
Kelly Clarkson/YouTube

Kelly Clarkson is having the time of her life as she prepares to release her seventh non-holiday studio album Meaning of Life due out Oct. 27. She's been on the go performing new single "Love So Soft" and an additional track from the album, "Move You," wowing crowds with her newfound happiness in her career. It's been a long road for the Grammy winner who is now signed to Atlantic Records after 14 years with RCA Records following her 2002 "American Idol" win. On Sept. 29, Clarkson released a live version of "Move You" for the Nashville Sessions and also revealed her tracklisting for the upcoming album.

Clarkson's "Move You" is the fifth song on the album and is power ballad like fans have never heard. With husky low vocals, she's showing off her sultry side as she now has complete control over her latest project.

Looking fresh, youthful and vibrant for the Nashville Sessions, the first release of the sessions, Clarkson is backed by a strings and horn section that amplifies the song into an epic buildup. Clarkson's three backup singers, who are featured on the new record, bring out the best of the song while Clarkson changes gears and reaches for her famous high notes. What's different about this record is that her voice seems more mature and natural when going for the peaks of the notes without struggling, even when tired from promotion.

To go along with the "Move You (Nashville Sessions)" release, Clarkson has also revealed her new 14-song tracklisting for Meaning of Life. In the past, Clarkson has had a plethora of songs included on her albums, including bonus tracks, while other songs from the recording sessions have made their way onto the internet. The album begins with an intro ("A Minute") and closes with "Go High," a song Clarkson wrote inspired by Michelle Obama's 2016 campaigning speech.

Watch "Move You" above and check out the brand new song titles for Meaning of Life below.

Meaning of Life tracklisting:
1. "A Minute" (Intro)
2. "Love So Soft"
3. "Heat"
4. "Meaning of Life"
5. "Move You"
6. "Whole Lotta Woman"
7. "Medicine"
8. "Cruel"
9. "Didn't I"
10. "Would You Call That Love"
11. "I Don't Think About You"
12. "Slow Dance"
13. "Don't You Pretend"
14. "Go High"