Watch: Kelly Clarkson performs new single on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'
Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube

Kelly Clarkson currently has one of the coolest gigs she's had in her near 16-year career. NBC's "The Voice" kicked off Monday, Feb. 26 joining Alicia Keys and real-life friends Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Clarkson, the new coach, has been touring the media circuit to promote the show and her new single "I Don't Think About You" released earlier in February. On Feb. 26, she took to the "Today Show" for her first live TV performance of the song then later stopped by to chat with Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show." One personality she's bonded with is Seth Meyers, host of "Late Night with Seth Meyers." She visited the host on Feb. 27 airing after the showing of the second episode of "The Voice" to banter about their day drinking escapade (seen here) and to perform her single for the first time on late night TV.

Clarkson, looking as sharp as she ever has during the Meaning of Life era, began the conversation discussing the jokes made on "The Voice" and their relationships. "No one is, like, 'You're so mean,'" she told Meyers. "We're just messing around, but I do go in on Blake a lot. He's a giant target," she continued.

Meyers admired Clarkson saying he enjoys having her on the show and the last time they came together just a few weeks ago, they spent the day having drinks and creating their own dalliance.

"You matched me drink for drink," Meyers said.

"I did. You tricked me. I thought it was one of those TV things where you don't drink a lot. I was so happy when it came out because there was a solid five minutes where I didn't talk. All I did was laugh and they had to edit it out. I was so drunk," Clarkson exclaimed before Meyers showed a clip of the two on top of a hotel shouting from the roof.

But the highlight of "Late Night" came when Clarkson took the stage to sing her newest single "I Don't Think About You," a ballad that replaced initial second single "Medicine." On her latest album, Clarkson only wrote four songs because she wanted to showcase the vocals more regardless of where the song came from. Sometimes, she says, she doesn't want to write and paired up with people who had already written music on Meaning of Life. She confessed her feelings about this moment in her career and the result is a song that depicts what she has gone through in the first 14 years of her career under RCA Records. While she's proud of the work she did with the label, she's found her sanity after dealing with label battles that have led her to her ultimate freedom under Atlantic Records.

Clarkson also sang another track from her new album, "Didn't I," a sassy number reminding her love that she was dedicated and his actions have been less than comparable. In this performance, she integrated her talented back-up singers who were also a large part of Clarkson recording Meaning of Life. See the performance below.