Watch kids' hilarious and insightful reactions to Led Zeppelin

Children are astute judges of what’s good and what’s not and are definitely not afraid to say exactly what they're thinking, which is probably why the the Fine Brothers Entertainment YouTube channel chose children to participate in their popular “React” YouTube series. The premise is pretty simple, FBE plays music for children and records their reactions. In the past, FBE has done AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Queen. For the most recent installment, the Fine Brothers tackled Led Zeppelin, and as always, the kids had some insightful, hilarious and unexpected reactions.

As Loudwire pointed out, the kid who you might expect to be most into Led Zeppelin--Jackson has long hair and is the oldest at 13--actually doesn’t care much for the band, except for “Black Dog.” The biggest Led Zeppelin fan is eight-year-old Jake who loves everything about Led Zeppelin and isn’t afraid to show it. But most impressive to us was six-year-old Sophie listening to “Misty Mountain Hop.” The youngest of the group comments, “It sounds like they’re playing this in a barn,” which really isn’t too far from the truth. 

Led Zeppelin recorded “Misty Mountain Hop” at an old poorhouse called Headley Grange, and while not a barn, the old house contained some cavernous, barn-like spaces. Good ears Sophie! You can check out all of the kids’ reactions in the clip above.