Watch: Kids react to the hits of Guns N' Roses

Kids are once again the voices of reason in the latest episode of the Fine Brothers' "Kids React." In the new clip, the young analysts are tasked with parsing the songs of Guns N' Roses.

The youngin's are first asked comment on the band's name and the opinions range from politely analytical ("Roses are so elegant and then guns are war and violence") to straight up honest: "It sounds awful! It sounds like you're killing roses!" The first song played, "Welcome to the Jungle," gets mixed reviews: one unamused child explains, "This is just too loud," while others call it "awesome," "really good" or simply surrender to head banging. They then make their way through hits like"Mr. Brownstone," "Paradise City," "My Michelle" and "Sweet Child O' Mine."

The majority of criticisms regard the music's loudness, similarity and indecipherability, but (spoiler), the reviews are mostly positive. Watch the kids take on GN'R above.